10 Surprising Facts About Nikolay Baskov That Will Make You Love Him Even More 

 March 17, 2023

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Nikolay Baskov is a renowned singer, actor, and performer from Russia. His mellifluous voice and charm have captured hearts all around the world. Though he is popularly known as a classical singer, there are many surprising facts about him that make him stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we’ll be delving deep into the life and times of Nikolay Baskov to discover ten surprising things that’ll make you love him even more!

1. Childhood Memories

Nikolay Baskov was born in 1976 in the city of Balashikha in the Moscow region. His family wasn’t wealthy, but his parents made sure that Nikolay and his elder brother had a happy childhood. As a child, Nikolay was very active and loved playing football. But his mother always had him occupied with various hobbies such as dancing, violin lessons, and singing.

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2. His Music Journey

In 1996, Nikolay enrolled at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, where he began studying classical singing. His voice was discovered during a performance, and he was immediately offered the role of Lensky in the opera Eugene Onegin. From then on, there was no stopping him. After graduation, he worked at the Bolshoi Theatre and later went on to perform at the Mariinsky Theatre and Royal Opera House in London, among others.

3. His Unique Vocal Range

Nikolay Baskov’s unique singing style is characterized by his brilliant high notes and distinctive tenor voice. He has a vocal range of close to four octaves, which is incredibly rare for a male singer. His voice is so extraordinary that even the composer Igor Krutoy declared him to be “the best voice of Russia.”

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4. Acting Career

Nikolay Baskov’s talent extends beyond singing; he is also a skilled actor. He made his acting debut in the film “The Barber of Siberia” in 1998, where he played a small role. Later, in 2016, he played the lead in the adaptation of the famous Russian musical “Juno and Avos,” which won him praise from critics and audiences alike.

5. His Philanthropic Work

Nikolay Baskov has a big heart and is actively involved in charity work. In 2009, he established the “Nikolay Baskov Foundation,” which aims to provide assistance to children with life-threatening illnesses. He has been actively supporting the foundation, and his fans have also joined him in his endeavors.

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6. His Sporting Side

Another surprising fact about Nikolay Baskov is his interest in sports. Though he was known to be passionate about football as a child, he now prefers cycling. He even participated in a 1,200km cycling race from Moscow to Crimea in 2017.

7. Love for Animals

Nikolay Baskov is an animal lover and has been a long-time supporter of the “Let’s Live” animal charity organization. In 2017, he adopted a dog, Zeus, from the organization, and ever since, Zeus has become an integral part of his family.

8. His International Success

Nikolay Baskov may be a household name in Russia, but his talent has also taken him all around the world. He has performed in front of both the Russian and British royal families and has held concerts in France, Germany, and China, among other countries. His success abroad is a testament to his hard work, talent, and passion.

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1. What is Nikolay Baskov’s vocal range?

Nikolay Baskov has an impressive vocal range of about four octaves, which is unheard of for a male singer.

2. What is the “Nikolay Baskov Foundation,” and what does it do?

The “Nikolay Baskov Foundation” is an organization founded by Nikolay Baskov that aims to provide assistance to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

3. Is Nikolay Baskov only known for his singing skills?

No, Nikolay Baskov is also a talented actor and has played important roles in many movies and Russian musicals.

4. Has Nikolay Baskov ever participated in sports events?

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Yes, Nikolay Baskov is a passionate cyclist and even took part in a 1,200km cycling race from Moscow to Crimea in 2017.

5. What is Nikolay Baskov’s involvement with animal charity organizations?

Nikolay Baskov is an ardent animal lover and is closely associated with the “Let’s Live” animal charity organization.

6. Which countries has Nikolay Baskov performed in?

Nikolay Baskov has performed in a variety of countries, including Germany, France, and China.

7. Has Nikolay Baskov won any awards for his work?

Yes, Nikolay Baskov has won many awards, including the prestigious Russian National Music Award “Golden Gramophone” multiple times.

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Nikolay Baskov’s life is an inspiration to many. He is not only a wonderful singer and actor but is also a passionate philanthropist involved in many charitable activities. His love for animals, sports, and adventure makes him even more appealing. He’s not just Russia’s favorite tenor; he’s also won the hearts of music lovers worldwide. We hope that this blog post has offered you a glimpse into the life of this fascinating artist and has made you love him even more.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nikolay Baskov and his music, make sure to check out his albums and attend his concerts. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family and let them know about this jewel of a person!

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