5 Reasons B Pharmacy Admission Is Right for You 

 October 17, 2022

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B.Pharmacy or Bachelor’s of Pharmacy is an employment-oriented undergraduate degree programme, especially among students completing senior secondary with physics, chemistry, and biology. Deciding amongst a variety of medical careers can be difficult. But if you are willing to pursue a career taking forward biology as the main subject, a B.Pharma Admission might be the right option. It is a great career option with a strong scope and many lucrative and remunerative career opportunities. India is a major exporter of pharmaceuticals. In India, the export was valued at $ 2,141.64 mn in August 2022, making it a fast-growing field. As the export grows, a career in B.Pharmacy is becoming a promising career path within the healthcare industry.

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B.Pharmacy: An overview

B.Pharmacy is a four-year undergraduate degree programme spread over eight-semester coursework that primarily deals with the study of medicine. The core subjects of the B.Pharma course include pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmaceutics. The course well-equips and nurtures a student to become a fundamental part of the healthcare sector.

If you are looking for reasons to evaluate that B.Pharamcy admission will be favourable for you, then you have landed the right article.

  1. You want to explore diverse career opportunities

B.Pharma is an undergraduate employment-centered degree programme that prepares students for a career in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Graduates of this course can get well-paying jobs or pursue further education to advance their careers.

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Pharmacy is a broad sector. Therefore, earning a B.Pharma  degree opens the door to various lucrative career opportunities within the fast-growing sector. Some popular career opportunities for B.Pharma graduates are:

  • Drug Inspector
  • Pharmacist
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  • Pathological Lab Scientist
  • Health Inspector
  • Research and Development Executives
  • Drug Therapist
  • Medical Representative
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  1. You want to serve patients

Earning a B.Pharama degree will allow you to work in different settings. But patients will be the primary people that will surround you. Pharmacists not only provide medicines but also provide asthma care, screening, blood pressure monitoring, bone density scans, cholesterol screening, and diabetes disease management. Therefore, pharmacists or B. Pharma graduates will get numerous opportunities to serve patients.

  1. You want to be a member of the healthcare team
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B.Pharama graduates are potential healthcare team members, which has been found in many research studies. They play an integral role in providing medication for managing various illnesses.

  1. You want a career that is both stable and flexible

A B.Pharma degree can offer you a stable career throughout the future, as a career in the healthcare sector is only projected to increase in the near future. Moreover, with a B.Pharama degree, graduates can often look for opportunities outside their home country.

  1. You like helping people

It may come as a surprise, but pharmacists help patients feel better. Pharmacists are medication specialists with the best knowledge to make patients feel better. They play a very crucial role in medication adherence. Moreover, the cultural competency of pharmacists, such as diet, language, and lifestyle, can evaluate and take medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

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If these five reasons align with your projected career aspirations, then B.Pharma admission is right for you. Take the next step and apply for this programme now!

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