All You Need to Know About Lauren Aquilina: From Early Life to Music Career 

 March 30, 2023

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All You Need to Know About Lauren Aquilina: From Early Life to Music Career

Lauren Aquilina is a talented singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. Her unique voice and catchy tunes have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. But who is Lauren Aquilina, and what makes her so special? In this blog post, we will take you through her early life, education, and music career. Read on to discover more about Lauren Aquilina.

Early Life

Lauren Aquilina was born on June 23, 1995, in Bristol, England. She spent most of her childhood in the small town of Matson, Gloucester. From a young age, Lauren showed an interest in music and began playing the piano and writing songs at the age of 13. Her parents were supportive of her musical talents and helped her get piano lessons.

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Lauren Aquilina attended a local school in Gloucester but later moved to the University of Bristol to study classical music. Despite having a great interest in music, Lauren chose to study English literature at the university. It was during this time that she began releasing some original tracks on her YouTube channel.

Music Career

Lauren Aquilina’s music career began in 2011 when she started posting her original songs on her YouTube channel. Her beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics quickly caught the attention of record labels and the public. In 2012, she released her debut EP, ‘Fools,’ which was a commercial success and helped her gain recognition as an artist.

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Lauren Aquilina’s music is a unique blend of pop and alternative styles with heartfelt lyrics that resonate with her fans. She has released several EPs, including ‘Sinners,’ and ‘Liars.’ In 2014, she released her debut album, ‘Isn’t It Strange?’ which was praised by many music critics.


1. What is Lauren Aquilina’s birthplace?
Lauren Aquilina was born in Bristol, England.

2. What was Lauren Aquilina’s first EP?
Lauren Aquilina’s first EP was ‘Fools.’

3. What is Lauren Aquilina’s music style?
Lauren Aquilina’s music is a unique blend of pop and alternative styles.

4. When did Lauren Aquilina start her music career?
Lauren Aquilina started her music career in 2011 by posting her original songs on her YouTube channel.

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5. Which album of Lauren Aquilina was praised by music critics?
Lauren Aquilina’s debut album, ‘Isn’t It Strange?’ was praised by many music critics.

6. What did Lauren Aquilina study at the University of Bristol?
Lauren Aquilina studied English literature at the University of Bristol.

7. How old was Lauren Aquilina when she started playing the piano?
Lauren Aquilina started playing the piano at the age of 13.

Personal Life

Lauren Aquilina currently resides in London, England. She is passionate about animal rights and often raises awareness about animal cruelty on her social media accounts. Lauren is a self-taught guitarist and an ardent lover of dogs.

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Career Achievements

Lauren Aquilina has achieved several milestones in her career. Her music has been featured in popular TV shows and movies, including Skins and The Vampire Diaries. She has also performed at various international music festivals, including SXSW and The Great Escape Festival.


Lauren Aquilina has released several EPs and one studio album. Her discography includes:

• ‘Fools’
• ‘Sinners’
• ‘Liars’
• ‘Ocean’

Studio album:
• ‘Isn’t It Strange?’


Lauren Aquilina is a rising star in the music industry who has captivated audiences with her unique voice and soulful melodies. From humble beginnings in Gloucester, she has come a long way in her music career, releasing multiple EPs and one studio album. With her passion for music and love for animals, Lauren Aquilina is a true inspiration to her fans worldwide. Are you a fan of Lauren Aquilina? Let us know in the comments below!

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