How can you secure a good job in Germany after your MBA? 

 August 18, 2022

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Most MBA colleges often advertise Germany as the land of plenty for everything from entrepreneurship opportunities to jobs. Hence, it isn’t a wonder that thousands of students from across the world flock to the country to do their MBA in Germany.

However, nobody elaborates on what happens once you complete your course and become an eligible managerial candidate. While business management jobs are plentiful in German cities like Berlin and Potsdam, the competition isn’t insignificant either.

Therefore, you will have to put in a lot of effort from your end as well if you want to secure a good-paying position in the corporate space of Germany. Graduating from a reputed business school with ample placement assistance can however simplify your struggle to find a good job.

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Read this article to learn how you can land a good job in Germany as an international MBA graduate.

What are the available career opportunities for MBA graduates in Germany?

A master’s in business administration or MBA is one of the most popular business degrees in Germany, coveted by thousands of international students. One of the many reasons why it’s so coveted is that it prepares them for a wide variety of career roles across different industries.

Some of the many industries in Germany that hire international MBA graduates include automotive, engineering management, IT and finance. Depending upon your MBA specialisation, you can choose any of these disciplines for your career.

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Here are a few exciting roles available to MBA graduates in Germany.

  1. Investment consultant
  2. Corporate banking manager
  3. Marketing Consultant
  4. Business Manager
  5. Business development consultant

How can you increase your chances of landing a good corporate or business management role as an international MBA graduate in Germany?

Enrolling in a good MBA programme from a reputed German university is only half the job done for securing a good business management job in the country. You might also have to wait for some time and dedicatedly look for good business jobs with MNCs or start-ups of your choice.

Here are a few steps that can ensure you increase your chances of employment as an international business graduate in Germany.

  1. Keep checking local job platforms and databases for suitable jobs
  2. Ensure that your MBA is properly recognised by the labour boards and departments in Germany
  3. Be proactive in applying for appropriate jobs and following up with recruiters
  4. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and complemented with necessary documentation like testimonials or cover letters
  5. Apply for a valid German work visa
  6. Dress professionally for job interviews and make sure you have all the necessary documents for employers’ reference at hand.
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How can a good MBA programme help you secure a good job in Germany?

Germany is known for its excellent higher education system and high academic standards maintained by its universities. Therefore, choosing a good German business school can ensure you receive an industry-wide recognised degree.

A good business school would also ensure that you receive adequate placement assistance and good internship opportunities, both of which can improve your employment prospects.

Look for good German business schools and MBA programmes today!

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