Most Famous Upsets in History Sports 

 April 19, 2022

Everyone wants to back a winner. Whenever a big sporting event is coming on, be it a key match, a big final or a grand event, everyone wants to be behind the winners. It’s understandable; other than faithful fans and people who work in sports, nobody wants to be associated with a losing team or athlete. That’s probably the reason why, when the big date draws near, most people are eager to back the contender than seems most likely to emerge victorious from the game. Except that’s not always the case. Sometimes the underdog claims the victory and we have to see everyone switch sides and claim they knew all along that they were going to win against all odds. Let’s take a look at the cases you wish you had put money on at with the most famous upsets in history sports.

Greece Wins the 2004 European Championships

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I almost went with Uruguay’s iconic win at the final of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, known in football circles as the “Maracanazo”. But while Brazil was heavily expected to win, with over 200,000 people supporting them at the home ground of Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Uruguay were no push-off; they were already world champions, having won the 1930 edition. However, when Greece became champions of Europe in 2004, they not only did it with less possession of the ball, fewer shots on goal and fewer corners than their rivals in each and every one of their matches. They also did it without any footballing tradition whatsoever. While football is massive in Greece and Greek times have had some good times, never had they achieved something as important on such a big stage. First they left Spain out of the tournament in the group stages. Then, they bea 1-0 the reigning champions France in the quarterfinals, before clashing with what has been considered by many to be the best team of the tournament and the great entertainers of the contest, the Czech Republic, in the semifinals and once again by 1-0. To cap it all off, they beat overwhelming favorites Portugal in the final, you guessed it, 1-0. A great team defense and the smarts to take advantage of the few chances that were presented to them was all it took for this unbelievable champion.

Soderling Defeats the King of Clay

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Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal has only lost three matches at Roland Garros. The second was in 2015 against Djokovic in the quarterfinals, and the third in the semifinal in 2021. But the story of the Spaniard’s first loss at France’s most prestigious tennis tournament is incredible. In 2009, the Spaniard already seemed invincible on clay and arrived in Paris with four consecutive titles. However, without anyone knowing Nadal was struggling. He suffered tendinitis in both knees and was also in emotional distress following the divorce of his parents. When he arrived at the quarterfinals to face swede Robin Soderling the started well, but his struggles became apparent and his rival came back to beat him  2-6, 7-6, 4-6 y 6-7, putting an end to a 31-match winning streak at the tournament. The Swede then made it to the final where he was beaten by Roger Federer.

Denver Shocks Seattle at the 1994 NBA Playoffs

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During the 1993–94 NBA regular season, the Seattle Supersonics had set a franchise record with 63 wins. Led by Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp and coached by the great George Karl, they were a force to be reckoned with in the first season of the post-Jordan NBA. Denver barely qualified for the postseason with a record of 42-40. Since the 16-team postseason format was established, the No. 8 seed in a conference had never beaten the top seed. But that was changed when the Dikembe Mutombo-led Nuggets came back from a 2-0 deficit in the series to become the first to do so, including an iconic win at Seattle Center Coliseum which ended with Mutombo clutching the ball in legendary celebration. In doing so, they ruined quite possibly the biggest chance the Supersonics had at winning a ring.

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