If you are looking to download PC games for free then you are at the right place. At our site we provide you with the top few PC games of 2021. Download latest and full version entertainment games by ocean of games and play offline on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. Let’s take a look at the latest PC games.

Download the best free PC games

In today’s post we have brought the latest version of PC games for game lovers.these are;

Good game Big Farm New Harvest 

Good game Big Farm New Harvest is an exciting fun game and the result of the original Good game Big Farm. In this new edition, you are given the responsibility of handling a new form! Be natural and turn your farm into a successful new project. Enjoy an exciting life in the country with your farm at Good game Big Farm. Plant, harvest, and commercialize your village farm to grow the farm of your dreams. Participate in form fairs and grow your form.

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Features of Game

  • Build the village of your dreams with vintage buildings, windmills and decorations.
  • Take care of the livestock and grow crops.
  • Fulfill the agreement and sell fresh goods in the market.
  • Collaborate and compete with other successful farmers.

PC Games Website and Mirror site:

  • https://oceanof.games

Adam Wolfe PC Game:

Step into Adam Wolf’s shoes and become a supernatural spy in this mysterious hidden object game. Overcome challenging puzzles, discover mysterious crime scenes and face characters in an exciting adventure that will take you from the dark streets and dark corners of the city to the deserts and formal tombs. Get rid of the conspiracy that will lead you to your sister, but will drag you into the abyss forever.

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Features of Adam wolfe Game

  • Unique puzzle solving mechanics
  • Many hidden puzzle that you have not seen before
  • Hours of capture, plot-driven adventures
  • Expand the scene design in a specific layout

The Sparkle 2 Evo

Prepare a little aquatic creature to move in this enchanting game, to become a wonderful being. 

 Feature of The Sparkle 2 Evo Game

  • Your Sparkle will be the same as what you eat and are prepared in 3 ways, such as fast and aggressive meat eaters, a slow but fast eating herb or vegetarian.
  • Play through 13 levels that look like a dream
  • Use the Gene Lab to plan your Sparkles DNA, your development, your specialty status and what to eat next.
  • Enjoy beautiful fantasy visuals and relax with the soundtrack created by the cool atmosphere.
  • A game of subtle, charming and addictive in the world of glitter.
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Desert Hawk

This is a full 3D action game. The focus of this free game is a new terrorist base, designed defensively and intelligently to prevent any attack. This time, the terrorists have developed a new brutal weapon and a new type of explosive. Of course, the only way to prevent destruction is to move opponents. After doing so, the player intends to attack the base defended by the turrets and is reinforced with a new type of metal ingot. With stunning graphics, animated soundtracks, and some of the most exciting action we’ve ever seen, this is a bold new assignment for those who love a free downloadable arcade game for PC.

  • Helicopter flying Amazing game
  • Full  Action game
  • The game is Full of adventure
  • Enjoy each second of game play
  • Adorable  graphics and realistic sound tracks
  • Latest technology based game with security system
  • In this Game you enjoy the Heavy and latest weapons
  • Use the latest technology to destroy your enemies 
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