Pocket Option Review; Is it a scam or a good broker? 

 October 26, 2022

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The trading world is so much fascinating that many people from all around the globe wish to pass the trading gates. In this regard, they need to be professional or call for the aid of skilled people to help them. In this sense, brokers play essential roles in different types of transactions. Brokers’ role is critical because they provide the platform for buying and selling. That is why finding the best of them is essential. One of the popular brokers, among several others, is Pocket Option. Industry experts wrote this Pocket Option review with over 15 years of financial experience in Forex trading, CFD trading, Binary options, and social trading. This broker is also known for the availability of over 100 top assets for trading, which gives you various options for choosing your field of trading.

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Trading Features and Payouts

By Pocket Option Review, it is a very user-friendly broker that is easy to use for different types of trading. That is why the users can trade different types of assets such as stocks, commodities, indices and currencies, including cryptocurrencies. It highly depends on the cost that you can pay for trading. Some people prefer to trade on gold or oil, while others intend to do foreign exchange transactions or work in stocks and indices. Remarkably, this platform allows you to do the type of trading you like most.

The pay out that the Pocket Option offers is up to 128% which is an excellent percentage. However, this amount depends on the assets traded, the size of the trade and other factors. Since the minimum payout is 50%, you know that you will have beneficial trading between 50% and 128%. According to many estimations, most trades expect to payout between 60% and 100%. This amount is very competitive, making this broker a fair broker that many traders desire.

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Pocket Option Review; Demo Account

The thing which makes PocketOption different in providing demo accounts is the relaxed attitude of this broker. Most other brokers do not allow you to start trading with a demo account without sign-up information and deposit funds. You need to click on it and start selling with virtual funds. So, you immediately enter a platform where you can trade with $10,000 of virtual money.

This broker’s demo account benefits both beginners and professional traders. It is an excellent experience for beginners to connect with other traders, trading platforms, and know-how to manage a real account. It is beneficial for professional traders to strengthen their trading power more and more. Imagine that with only $10,000 of the virtual fund, you will achieve really expensive experiences.

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How Can I Get Pocket Option Deposit Bonus?

Here are a few things you need to accomplish to get the deposit bonus.

  • Go to the Pocket Option website and open an account.
  • Verify the account by following the instructions provided.
  • After verification, head to the menu, click on Pocket Option Promo Code, and you will be directed to a Cabinet page.
  • At the top of the page, you will see a “Get 50% Bonus” orange advertisement; click on it.
  • Choose your prefered payment system for investment. You can use various credit and debit cards(Visa, MasterCard etc.), e-payments(WebMoney, Perfect Money etc.), mobile money, and cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, Binance Pay & coin, Litecoin, Coinbase etc.).
  • Continue to deposit the money and check your account balance. Ensure you enter all the details correctly.
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Customer Support

Another important thing that is necessary for each professional broker is the quality of customer support. Customer support is so powerful in Pocket Option. You will be surprised by facing different services for supporting customers, such as phone calls, SMS, email, and contacting directly with the authority of this website.

All pocket option reviews have found that their questions were answered quickly and directly. They also have seen other ways of contacting the broker’s managers, like social media and its devices such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pocket Option Review; The Bottom Line

Whether you love forex trading or another type of transaction, the Pocket Option is ready to help you with its various outstanding features. According to many pocket option reviews written about this broker, it is a well-known platform among other brokers. It has a lot of pros and cons, and knowing them allows you to decide better in choosing the right broker for your transactions. Each professional trader tries to catch all the information about this broker; because they know that knowledge is power.

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