Sexual harassment in the workplace | Check out the prevention checklist 

 July 24, 2021

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Every third woman experiences Sexual Harassment in the workplace and it has become a serious issue that can be worse in most cases. Victim of Sexual harassment goes through both mental and professional breakdown— as well as a serious emotional failure for your professional future. Unfortunately, the number of cases reported is way less than actual figures, even if there’s enough evidence. The main reason is “Embarrassment and self-respect”. 

We know coping with sexual harassment is not any piece of cake. But don’t worry anymore and take a look at 5 strategies that you should check while going or joining the workplace.

1. It Should be Company’s Priority!

Many companies provide a comprehensively secure environment but in many cases still, sexual harassment happens. In such cases, it should be the organization’s responsibility to provide a more secure and safe environment and keep reviewing their Sexual Harassment policy.

Recently the #MeToo movement has ushered the traumatic issue of sexual harassment into the worldwide spotlight. Many countries are now responding by strictly implementing mandatory prevention training and looking forward to making entirely new laws. Be sure to keep yourself up to date.

Last but not the least, all prevention policies should be strictly implemented and communicate daily from the higher authorities and not just HR. If top authorities regularly talk about sexual harassment prevention, there would be a ripple effect in the entire organization. 

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2.  Ensure Everyone Understands What Sexual Harrasment Acutally Is.

Although it may appear that what constitutes sexual harassment at work should be obvious, companies must take further steps to ensure that employees are aware of the types of acts and behaviors that are not acceptable. This isn’t just about gross physical touch. The term “sexual harassment” includes a wide range of many offensive situations like constant staring, verbal abuse or comment passing, and watching inappropriate content openly. Any of such actions can be fatal for someone’s working relationship ship and ruins their career.

While making sexual harassment prevention policy higher authorities must educate everyone about the above-mentioned offensive situations and state strict punishments against them.

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3. Provide a robust reporting system

Create an unbiased team designated for reporting Sexual Harassment cases in the workplace. Choose at least 3 to 4 reliable persons. Ask employees to report to them immediately in any offensive situation.

Teach the employees about the reporting system like how to immediately file a complaint as soon as an incident occurs in the workplace. After a report is made to the right and unbiased person, quick action must be done, and the investigation must be handled carefully and professionally.

Many sexual harassment incidents go unreported because employees fear losing their jobs if they file a complaint. The most crucial component of your reporting procedure is assuring your staff that retaliation will not be tolerated. Making them feel at ease with the established procedure will boost their willingness to use it.

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4. Responsibilities of the Employer

Employers can follow the listed below steps to create a harassment-free workplace.

  • It’s the responsibility of the emplaoyer to ensure that all staff should be aware of the policy.
  • Communicate the policy to all employees only daily or weekly basis.
  • Make it clear that harassment will not be allowed in this environment.
  • Employer must make sure that all HRs and supervisors are aware of their role in ensuring a harassment-free workplace.

5. Conduct anonymous surveys on a regular basis

Maintaining a continuous pulse on your team’s comfort in the workplace is critical since it allows you to reassess your policy if necessary.

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Anonymous surveys are the best way to have feedback on your current harassment-free environment. in this way you’ll get a more candid response regarding how the employees feel about your workplace culture and whether or not they believe you manage sexual harassment properly. You may need to make changes to your policy based on the responses you receive. When there are substantial changes in your team, you’ll undoubtedly want to check in now and again.

You can use different tools online to build your surveys: 

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