“The Fascinating World Travels of Gunnar Garfors: Discover How One Man Visited Every Country in the World” 

 March 29, 2023

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The Fascinating World Travels of Gunnar Garfors: Discover How One Man Visited Every Country in the World

Going on a trip to a foreign country, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, and making new friends is something we all love to do. However, some people take traveling to the next level and make it their life’s mission to visit every country in the world. One such person is Gunnar Garfors, who achieved this prestigious feat at the young age of 37. In this post, we will be discussing the fascinating world travels of Gunnar Garfors, a Norwegian man who visited every country in the world.

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The world is full of diverse cultures and breathtaking locations, waiting to be explored. And there are some people who have taken up the challenge of visiting every country in the world. Gunnar Garfors is one such person who has achieved this incredible feat. Born in 1975 in Norway, Garfors started traveling at a young age and has since visited all 198 countries on the planet. His journey is full of exciting and unforgettable experiences that are worth learning about. Let’s delve into his world travels and discover what makes them fascinating.

1. The Beginning of His Journey

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Garfors’s journey started when he was just a young boy. His father worked on a cargo ship, which enabled him to travel with his family to ports around the world. This sparked his curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration. Since then, he has traveled extensively, experiencing different cultures and learning about world history.

2. How He Visited Every Country in the World

Garfors completed his mission of visiting every country in the world by the age of 37, which is quite impressive. He planned his itinerary meticulously, making sure that he could visit multiple countries in one trip. He also visited the remaining countries that he had not yet explored, such as Nauru and Tuvalu, as a solo traveler.

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3. The Challenges He Faced

Traveling to every country in the world is not an easy task, and Garfors faced many challenges during his journey. One of the biggest challenges was obtaining visas, as some countries have strict regulations for travelers. Another challenge was maintaining a healthy diet and staying active while on the road.

4. The Best and Worst Experiences

During his travels, Garfors experienced many memorable moments, both good and bad. Some of the best experiences include trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, experiencing the beauty of the Petra archaeological site in Jordan, and skydiving in New Zealand. His worst experience was getting robbed at gunpoint during his stay in Panama.

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5. The Lessons Learned

Traveling to every country in the world taught Garfors many valuable lessons. He learned to appreciate different cultures, respect local customs, and adapt to new situations. Garfors also learned the importance of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and making a positive impact on the environment.

6. His Future Travel Plans

Even after visiting every country in the world, Garfors still has a thirst for travel. He plans to continue traveling and exploring new destinations, albeit more slowly. He wants to focus on staying in one place for a more extended period, embracing the local culture and helping to support sustainable tourism.

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7. FAQs

Q1. How many countries are there in the world?

A1. There are 198 countries in the world, according to the United Nations.

Q2. Which country was the hardest to obtain a visa for?

A2. Garfors found it most challenging to obtain a visa for Syria.

Q3. How long did it take Garfors to visit every country in the world?

A3. Garfors visited every country in the world in just over ten years.

Q4. What was Garfors’s favorite country?

A4. Garfors enjoyed visiting many countries, but New Zealand is his all-time favorite.

Q5. How did Garfors fund his travels?

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A5. Garfors funded his travels through a mix of his savings, sponsorships, and travel deals.

Q6. How did Garfors stay healthy during his travels?

A6. Garfors stayed healthy by eating a balanced diet and staying active. He also avoided alcohol and smoking.

Q7. What advice does Garfors have for aspiring travelers?

A7. Garfors advises aspiring travelers to travel light, respect local customs, and interact with the locals.


Gunnar Garfors’s world travels are nothing short of remarkable. His journey to visit every country in the world reflects the epitome of dedication, passion, and an insatiable thirst for adventure. Exploring his experiences can inspire us to embrace our wanderlust, travel more, and create memories that we can cherish for a lifetime.

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