Tips To Help You Increase Your Score When Playing Block Games 

 May 1, 2022

Nowadays, there are plenty of block puzzles that you can download and play online anywhere at any given time. So you don’t have any excuse not to play your favorite block game to tease your mind and have a great time. The best thing about these online block puzzles is that they come with a set of rules to help players play the game and enjoy them even more.

Of course, whenever you are playing block games, you want to score higher marks as possible. Thankfully, you can easily achieve that, especially if you are equipped with certain tips. Here are some of the tops that can help you get a higher score when playing a block puzzle. 

  • Always start working from the corners
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If you want to score higher you must aim at extending the game. So you need to find ways to stay longer in the game. The most effective way to achieve this is by starting to place the blocks from the corners. By working your way up from the corners, you will have vertical and horizontal options on any given move. 

Additionally, you can fit the blocks tactically so that you don’t leave empty cells in between. This strategy will stop you from filling your grid too fast and ending the game prematurely because you don’t have spaces left for the blocks.

  • Pay close attention to the vertical and horizontal lines
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The whole idea of block games is not only to fit blocks alone, but to also form horizontal and vertical lines to clear the board. That’s why you need to focus on clearing horizontal and vertical lines. The more you clear the lines, the more you will earn points. 

  • Clear multiple columns and rows as possible

At this point, you understand just how important it is to clear lines because it will increase your points. You should also know that clearing numerous rows and columns simultaneously can earn you points. Therefore, just like you focus on clearing the vertical and horizontal lines, you should also pay attention to how you place the blocks so that they can clear multiple lines instantly rather than single lines. This strategy can help you get a high score.

  • Strategize
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Finally, another incredible tip that can help you increase your score when playing a block puzzle game is to strategize when it comes to placing the blocks. Never place the blocks carelessly on the grid. Choose carefully from the given blocks and think about placing them perfectly so that you don’t end up with black cells the blocks won’t fit. 

If you are afraid of running out of time, you might dump the blocks anywhere. But this is not advisable. While you should maintain good speed when playing a block game, you should pay attention to how you place the blocks too. By strategically and keenly placing the blocks, you will more likely clear columns and rows and, ultimately, increase your score. 

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