Trawangan and its 4 Exciting Tourist Activities 

 June 30, 2022

Gili Trawangan is one of the Gilis or small islands located right in the northwest part of Lombok Island. Trawangan is the largest compared to the other two Gilis, Meno and Air. More than 800 people live in Trawangan, becoming one of the various exciting charms offered on the island.

Compared to the other two Gilis, Trawangan has the best sunrise and sunset. This is because there are beaches in Trawangan that face east, and some face west. The distance between the two is not too far, and it can be accessed easily.


Enjoy a Memorable Vacation in Gili Trawangan

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Enjoying the sunrise and sunset is not the only exciting activity that can be done amid the natural beauty of Trawangan. Various activities can be done during the holidays in Trawangan. For example, you can enjoy these exciting activities with your family:


  1. Swimming at the Beach

Don’t miss swimming at the beach freely in crystal water while staying in Gili Trawangan. Every visitor is free to play in the water but make sure to always be careful and always pay attention to the signs.

Avoid swimming too far into the middle of the sea. And make sure you don’t cross the signs that have been posted there for your own safety. Always pay attention to children and don’t take them out of sight while swimming at the beach.

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  1. Diving

For tourists who have a diving certificate, diving activities must be done while in Trawangan. You will fall in love with the underwater charm. Various types of small fish, the most beautiful coral reefs, and green turtles are in the open waters of Trawangan.

What if you don’t have a diving certificate? Visitors without a certificate can still dive as long as they are willing to take a short course given by experienced divers in Discovery Scuba Diving.


  1. Water Sports

Another activity related to the beautiful Trawangan waters is water sports. Various rides such as canoes, kayaks, banana boats, and so on are ready to welcome you. This water activity does not require a certificate, so anyone can participate.

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In addition, various water sports activities allow you to have fun with your family more safely and enjoyably.

  1. Horse riding on the beach

What’s so special about horse riding on Gili Trawangan beach? This large Gili is located closest to the island of Bali. Mount gunung agung bali, with its beautiful silhouette, becomes a stunning backdrop from a distance.

When riding on Trawangan beach, you need to capture this precious moment with Mount Agung as the photo background. The photos you take home will be a keepsake that will never fade in time.

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