If we ask someone these days what they know about VR devices, the answer will be either nothing or just that they have seen those glasses! Yet the world of virtual and augmented reality has been much wider since the advent of Oculus Rift, many other adaptations, and accessories. So let’s find out what VR and AR can offer to us, and how the devices can help us to connect to this new world.

The trend

According to statistics, in 2020, the market for immersive technologies has grown to new levels, the usage and the market have almost doubled in one year. And surveys show that augmented reality is one of the most emerging technologies in education. In this article, we have brought together the key sectors in which immersive virtual reality is reshaping the framework so far.

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One of the most useful uses of immersive virtual reality is in the field of healthcare and medical development. In addition to the fact that augmented reality in education helps the advancement of doctoral students and prospective doctors, nurses, nurses, there are many other applications of virtual technologies. AccuVein, for example, is a device that, when aimed at the human body, maps the vascular system at a given point and projects it onto the skin: it is easier to find veins, for example, when taking blood.

In addition, virtual reality application in pain relief was 60% more successful than morphine. They also achieve success in curing mental illness. The body image disorder of the anorexic patient has been corrected in the digital environment.

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Commerce and marketing

Perhaps one of the most delicate sectors of all is trade and marketing, as we want to catch consumers here on a largely emotional basis. Branding, on the other hand, works most effectively with experience transfer, so there is huge potential in immersive technologies. We’ve seen examples of using augmented reality in marketing before, as we can already try on clothes by pointing our phone’s camera at our reflection and seeing ourselves on the screen in the piece in question.

And to monitor customer behaviour, Accenture has created a product that also models, examines, and analyzes customer behaviour in consumers in the digital environment, analyzing customer behaviour, giving businesses additional marketing tools.

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Consumer sector

In the consumer sector, we tried to bring together solutions that offer solutions to the problems of everyday life and in the field of entertainment, opportunities and opportunities for the larger strata of the consumer society. We are thinking here primarily of those standalone VR devices that have already become available to the average consumer. Such are the products of Oculus Quest or HTC.

In addition, live broadcasting is beginning to take on a new meaning, as in the United States, Turner Sports broadcasts NBA matches live in a virtual reality environment. But we can also mention that after the Disaster in Notre Dame, virtual reality tours were allowed for visitors to experience the historic value and unique beauty of the building. There have also been apps that will help us with exercise at home. Over the next few years, immersive virtual reality will reshape the concepts of spending time at home.

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We can also observe how technology, especially the internet has bought us closer to different activities. Just imagining that around 20 years ago you could’ve played on slot machines only if you went to a casino in person, then with the internet the online slot machines have appeared which is an intermediate solution. And nowadays, with VR technology you can bring the casino to your home, by accessing different AR and VR casino games. Everything became more accessible and more enjoyable.

HR and corporate use

In terms of corporate use, there are several areas that benefit from the results of virtual reality development or even augmented reality development. Certain phases of manufacturing technology and engineering work also seem to be facilitated by practising in virtual space or even accessing information provided locally by augmented reality. With Hencel Loctite, they have a virtual space that provides a practical opportunity to complete repairs faster.

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For another company, an intensive VR training application was developed to make the work of managers easier. In addition, there are already multi-companies that hold virtual tours to introduce the work environment and the workplace to future employees. All you need is a standalone device. This is the most effective solution if you need to bridge long distances and a good portion of the workers will also commute or just be guest workers.

Real estate development and augmented reality development

Recently, several software has been developed for standalone devices that allow our engineers to design buildings in a virtual environment so that there are more people in this space at the same time, but hundreds or thousands of miles apart. In addition, one of the biggest problems for both architects and interior architects is convincing the client or even the contractor that the plan they have made meets the needs.

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Immersive virtual reality technology solves these problems. Augmented reality can also be mapped as a marketing tool, as they make the customer more convincing: what we can experience in 3D is more effective than blueprints. In a virtual environment, we see everything as it will look in reality: dimensions, colours, shapes all take shape. One of the cornerstones of more accurate and precise work will be the use of immersive virtual reality technologies.