What is a Literature review, Give Some Examples 

 September 3, 2021

From high school essays to PhD thesis, one thing that doesn’t change is the literature review. But with the passage of time, the difficulty level keeps rising until the students have no idea what they should do. That is why, a guide that reveals all the secrets of writing a literature review, is an essential part of academic life.

What Is A Literature Review?

A literature review is the evaluation and inspection of past theories and research material on the selected topic of the thesis. A literature review sets the background and reason for selecting the specific topic for research purposes.

How to Write a Good Literature Review?

To take your thesis to the heights of perfection you need to write a perfect literature review. Why? Because it is the base of your thesis statement and hypotheses. And if they are not formed on solid ground then your whole thesis will fall under question.

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·      Extensive Research

A huge amount of research is needed to write a literature review, but it also must be relevant. Only gather the researches that are related to your thesis topic.

·      Evaluate the Source

Yes, a lot of work on any topic can be easily found through internet searches. But that doesn’t mean that source of information is authentic. Make sure the source you are about to cite is providing 100% correct information. You can check the best PhD thesis help – The Research Guardian website and you can check which sources they use for research, if experts use a source that means it is authentic.

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·      Outline the Structure

Make an outline according to the type of pattern you will follow while writing the literature review. Check literature review examples online to make a correct outline.

·      Begin Writing

Now that everything is ready, it is time to start writing the literature review.

Methods of Writing a Literature Review

There are different ways of writing a literature review. The one you choose is completely dependent on you and your research. See all the methods you can utilize when writing a literature review.

1.     Chronological Literature Review Method

In this method, every source is listed chronologically. All the research sources are provided according to the date they enfolded in the past. Refrain from just stating the theories and findings as it is. Write in a connecting way, so every part has a flow to it.

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Psychoanalysis was born in 1895 when Freud was treating patients of hysteria with Breuer. During this time period, Freud introduced his idea of conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. In 1899, the dream interpretation also became a part of psychoanalysis as Freud found that the unconscious is revealed through dreams.

2.     Thematic Literature Review Method

When writing according to the thematic literature review method, one central theme is selected (that will be your thesis topic) and every recurring event and researches on it is narrated. Researches or theories of different elements that put an effect on the central theme are also written in this literature review method

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If your thesis is based on dream interpretation then you can explain its different phenomenon. Such as symbols, unconscious, subconscious, and repression.

3.     Methodological Literature Review Method

For this literature review method, researches with different methodologies are compared. This type of literature review compares how different styles of research methods can negatively or positively affect a phenomenon.


  • Compare results of qualitative vs quantitative research on dream interpretation.
  • Discuss how the experimental method has generated different facts than the results obtained from the case study research method.

4.     Theoretical Literature Review Method

In the theoretical literature review method, different theoretical concepts are analyzed together to form a new concept. This new concept is then investigated in the research paper or thesis paper. This method is also utilized to discuss the key concepts of the topic.

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Mention the contrast between Freud’s dream interpretation theory and Carl Jung’s dream interpretation theory. Then create a new problem statement that will raise a new point after combining or comparing both theories.

At the End

Writing literature can be tricky even with a guide but with experts, you can knock it out of the park.

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